The spa was designed to be a feast for the mind and body it is located in an exclusive 100-year-old winery. Renovated in a minimalist Cycladic-style, that encourages complete relaxation. With steam grottos, an indoor cave pool, treatment alcoves, and waterfalls, the Spa of the Gods is far more than a place for just treatments it is the perfect escape from the ordinary. Disappear underground and enter a world of luxury, pleasure, and healing.


    Local products such as olives, citrus, herbs, honey and of course wine are used in our menu of services and treatments for the face and body.

    Spa of the Gods treatments offer an inviting magical mixture of ancient and modern, designed to stimulate each and every one of your senses -touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. The serene beauty of the caves, natural sounds of waterfalls and selected music, taste the delights of the complimentary herbal teas and fresh fruits, smells of aromatherapies, and the touch of our expert therapists all combine for a unique and revitalizing experience. Choose from our wide range of treatments and benefit from extensively trained experts who combine classic and exotic therapies to refresh, relax, hydrate, and tighten.

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